Risk Assessment concerns for Companies

Risk Assessment concerns for Companies

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Industry-leading driver assessments. Available online and on-road

Online driving assessments

Online driver risk assessments are a cost-effective and accessible way to assess the risk of fleet drivers. The online assessment creates a ‘risk exposure’ profile for each driver. This can be used to identify drivers who are at high risk.

On-road assessments

On-road driver risk assessments are a practical way to assess the risk of fleet drivers. The assessment is carried out with a qualified driving assessor. This approach provides an opportunity for discussion and practical learning.

Online Driver Assessments

The duration of the online risk assessment is 20 minutes. It’s a non-invasive assessment suitable for drivers of company cars and vans. There are no age limitations. The online assessment covers five modules. These are driver history, driver anticipation, driver observation, driver behaviour, and driver knowledge. Each module has a series of questions. Each answer is scored and tallied up. At the end of the online assessment, a risk exposure profile is generated. Risk exposure profiles can be used by fleets in several ways. For example, monitoring the competence of drivers over time. Or assessing the behaviour of drivers who have generated complaints. These profiles identify drivers who are higher risk and by correlation, candidates who may require further training. Our driver assessment service is accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Companies are welcome to access our service whenever required without booking. Results can be viewed online by both driver and manager. It’s important to note that the online risk assessment isn’t a pass or fail the test. It’s merely an advisory assessment for fleet operators.


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