Road Rage

Road Rage

 SAFE DRIVING (Driving 10 -14)

To be a safe driver you do not only have to be a skilful driver but also have a Safe Attitude towards driving. What is a Safe

Attitude? You need to be RESPONSIBLE To Yourself & Passengers. Also other Road users, such as Children, the Elderly,

People with Disabilities, Cyclists and People in charge of Animals.

Remember you have limitations to your driving and others also have limitations. Remember especially the limits of the elderly

and disabled.

You must give 100% of your CONCENTRATION so avoid driving when you are tired or unwell or have something on your

mind, such as being angry or worried about something. If you cannot give your full attention remember to give yourself some

more time to react. Try not to be distracted by other such as answering or using your mobile phone or trying to tune in your radio

while driving.

While driving you need to be prepared to ANTICIPATE others reactions, this is a hallmark of a good driver. You will learn to

anticipate the actions of others only through personal experience & by listening to others.

Last and definitely not least you will need to be PATIENT. You have heard that patience is a virtue. No more so than when

driving, you need to keep calm restrained and show good judgement.

All this put together creates a SAFE ATTITUDE towards driving, which should then help create a GOOD HABIT towards


Try to keep relaxed show consideration and keep calm, try not to get angry.

DRINK DRIVING Remember not to drink more than one unit of alcohol if you are going to drive within 24 hours. It takes

24 hours at least for alcohol to be cleaned out of your system.

ROAD RAGE At time it is better not to get involved in anything that could lead to conflict. Only use conflict as a last resort.

If you are angry, worried, had an argument you can find that with these concerns on your mind they can affect your driving skills

BE CAREFUL Speed Remember the speed limits apply do not exceed the speed limit for any reason.


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