Security, Car Parks, Home on the Road

CAR Security (HC 214 Page 92)

Consider how you can improve your car security to make it harder to be stolen or broken into.

Remember: lock it or loose it. (HC 214 Driving 311- 312)

Remember to stay alert for your safety at all times. If you are travelling alone always let someone know where you are going to and when you are planning to arrive. Make sure that when you leave the car you do on leave any valuables on show other wise you are encouraging people to take them. When leaving the car make sure it is safe,

Car Parks When parking try to keep the car neatly within the road markings and in view of a camera or well-lit area.

Being Followed If you suspect you are being followed take a few turns that can confirm your suspicions then drive to a busy area where you can seek help or stop & lock you car before phoning for help.

Protecting Property Make sure you car is fitted with alarms and that they are working and you sue them.

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