Some Ideas that lead to Dangerous driving

dangerous driving some ides to think about 

Cannabis reduces aggression so helps you become a Safe driver

What about the other effects of Cannabis? Raised self confidence, reduced concentration, more open to distraction – Oh yes it’s illegal and dangerous driving

dangerous driving

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs has little effect on crash involvement or severity

This may seem to be but what about the reduced awareness & concentration leading up to a crash or what happens with the near misses & crashes caused by people avoiding you?

You do not need to know what the safe limits for alcohol consumption is because it affects different people different ways and you can tell if you’re drunk

Wrong the best idea would be to have zero alcohol before driving just because alcohol affects different people different ways and you cannot always tell if you are drunk.

Ways of reducing fatigue and dangerous driving –

  • Drinking Coffee
  • Winding down a window to get fresh air
  • Listening to music helps
  • Fatigue happens when driving long Journeys, or happens on country roads, or happens at night

Tired driving is not a factor to causing serious crashes. It is not as dangerous as speeding or drinking and the police can not test for tiredness.

FATIGUE IS A KILLER – regardless s of day or night if you are tired you can reduce for a short time some of the symptoms, but only for a short time. You need to deal with the route cause – lack of sleep. Imagine for a moment if you were to be driving in the rush hour would you even consider closing your eyes for 2 seconds – unthinkable from my point of view. Yet people will drive if they are tired. When we are tired we can suffer from micro sleep where we are asleep for very short times say 2 seconds.

Passengers or friends can make you a better or more alert driver.

They can also distract you causing you to become a dangerous driving

You don’t have to secure light loads

Oh dear what happens to the little dog or set of files or books on the parcel shelf when you have to do an emergency stop. They can hit the front windscreen and break it, if that happens what happens if you get hit in the head instead. Another thing is that loose objects could roll under your feet when driving so you cannot use them.

You do not need to have insurance MOT or a valid driving license because as long as you do not give the police any cause to stop you they will never know.

Wrong with the new number plate recognition cameras now being installed any road side camera can now read your number plate & if the information does nor tally them a police officer can be sent after the car or registered owner.  That is how the international cars that have out stayed there time or cars that have not been insured or MOT are caught.

It is ok to drive an unroadworthy car a short distance to get it fixed.

What happens if you have an accident on the way you will get prosecuted with the full force of the law

Driving fast is ok

Only if you don’t get caught

Driving is an innate skill and not learned

Some people have the ability to reverse or control the car without much training but to be able to recognise potential danger and drive safely are not. Sometimes you learn by what you see but also by what you do. You need a good tutor or else you could be unsafe.

The driving license is a right not a privilege.

I’m sorry the driving license has to be earned. It is not given away as gift in a packet of cereal.

Now we have SatNav’s we do not need to plan journeys

Wrong SatNav’s can be out of date or send you down one way streets the wrong way. Do not rely on a SatNav use your own discretion.

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