Towing & weight distribution

Towing  a Trailer Weight Distribution 

If you are towing make sure the weight in the trailer is balanced and the weight is distributed over the wheels.

While you are, being taught to drive you will be instructed about the emergency stop. During which you will notice a change in the vehicles weight distribution and handling characteristics. These changes need to be understood because they can cause many problems in handling the car in extreme circumstances. It is important that you know how the car will perform when you accelerate, slow or turn quickly.

I could write at length about the changes in weight distribution or handling because it is a complicated subject involving a fair amount of practical science but I am not. All I will say is that if you imagine that you are holding a glass of water still. If you move the glass quickly in any direction, the water will move in a pre-determinable way, this is similar to how the weight of the car will move. The way the car will handle is a little more complicated because there are a lot more variables. Such as how the tyres are gripping the road, how much and where the weight is, whether the weight is moving or secure are their any external forces being applied to the vehicle at the time?

It is important that you understand that the car can handle differentially in different circumstances the more you know the safer you will be in the future. Ask me for more information about advanced driving

Towing (HC93)

You may toe a trailer with a normal car license so long as it does not exceed 750kg in total weight. If you passed your test before 1st January 1997 you will have grandfather rights to tow any caravan. After that date you will need to take a further test to be able to tow a caravan legally.

As the law stands with a car and trailer up to 3.5 tonnes you will need to have one type of license (B+E) if the trailer exceeds 3.5 tonnes then you will need to take a further test (C+E). If you contact the DVLA or get form INF30 this leaflet will detail your options

If towing you will need to have extra mirrors so you can have a clear view of down the side of the trailer also stabilizers fitted to your car & van will help you with the towing.

Remember that the weight when towing has to be evenly distributed on the trailer over its wheels not in the front or back. It is also illegal to ride in a trailer.

As to how best to drive I strongly suggest you get expert advice, which I do not, feel experienced enough to give.

In the event of a breakdown the Highway Code now warns you not to use a Tow rope to tow another car as it has been found potentially dangerous. You should consider using professional Help

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