Traffic Calming & Tidal Flow

Traffic Calming 

Traffic calmingTraffic-calming measures. On some roads there are features such as road humps, chicanes and narrowing which are intended to slow you down. When you approach these features reduce your speed. Allow cyclists and motorcyclist’s room to pass through them. Maintain a reduced speed along the whole of the stretch of road within the traffic calming measures. Give way to oncoming road users if directed to do so by signs. You should not overtake other moving road users while in these areas.

Rule 153

When driving a car or other motor vehicle, I always slow down for humps and chicanes. Strangely enough however, the *opposite* always seems to happen whenever I’m riding through them on my bicycle…

(Before anyone says however: I do pay attention to the priorities shown. Sadly, many car and van drivers don’t…) And if there is someone in front of you, whatever mode of transport they are using, PLEASE don’t try and overtake to reach the narrowing before them, as you could easily cause a conflict when you reach the ‘chicane’ at the same time.


When following a large vehicle, such as a lorry or double decker bus, always keep well back, even when travelling slowly. This will allow you a better view of what is happening in front of the lorry and you will be able to judge when or if you can overtake it safely. Keeping well back also allows the driver of the lorry to see you in their mirrors. If you cannot see the mirrors on the lorry then the driver cannot see you.

When driving in areas where traffic calming measures are in existence, you should reduce your speed particularly on roads which have speed humps on them. You should not attempt to overtake another vehicle within these areas and you are advised when following other vehicles, to slow down and stay behind them.

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