Training Matrix

Please use this Page as a Training Matrix.

To help you use this page as a grading system grading yourself for each section between

1 – I’m not sure what to do      through to            10 – I’m very confident I know what to do


Basic Car / Driving Knowledge

Driving on the Road


Cockpit Checks & Vehicle Controls




How to control your car


Adequate distances / 2 second Rule


Warning Lights on Car Instruments panel


Speed Limit / Stopping Distances


Moving Off & Stopping


Emergence Stop / Skidding & Coasting


Use of Mirrors


Dealing with Corners


Vehicle Checks


Planning Assessment – eye mapping – bends -safe space






Turning into a Side Road Turning Left


Traffic Lights / Pedestrian Crossing / Railway Crossings


Turning into a Side Road Turning Right


Road Signs & Markings


T Junctions Turning Left




T Junctions Turning Right


Eco Driving


Crossroads Turning Left




Crossroads Going straight on


Parking in a Bay Forward and Reverse


Crossroads Turning Right


Parallel Parking


Roundabouts Turning Left


Parking on the Right


Roundabouts Going straight on


Independent  Driving


Roundabouts Turning Right






Mock Test




How is the Test Marked?




Mock Test Results








Compensation for Cancelled test







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