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Learning to Drive Training Course Training Notes
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  1. Your Training Notes has been created to encourage you to ask questions from your Driving Instructor. This website has not been built to replace a Driving Instructor but work alongside them.
  2. It has been designed to supplement or clarify what they are trying to teach you 

There is a Training Matrix that you can download to help you find out what you need to look at, to cover the full driving test syllabus as recommended by the DVSA. To help you Judge how much you have learned and see what more you can learn.

It has been designed to be used as an extra training method. To help supplement what your qualified Driving Instructor has told you.  To help you Understand how to become a Safe Driver and pass your Driving Test.

You can download a copy of the Training Matrix from here

Training Notes 2017

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Your Training Notes Pages

Basic Car / Driving Knowledge

Cockpit Checks & Vehicle Controls – How to control your car – Warning Lights on Car Instruments panel – Moving off & Stopping – Use of Mirrors  Vehicle Checks – Vehicle Checks 2017


Turning into a Side Road – T-Junctions – Crossroads – Roundabouts

Driving on the Road

Meeting Adequate distances / Speed Limit / Stopping Distances – – Emergence Stop / Skidding & Coasting – Dealing with Corners – Planning and  Assessment – Parking  Traffic Lights /  Pedestrian Crossing / Railway Crossings –Road Signs & Markings – Overtaking – Eco Driving


Driving into a Parking Bay then Reverse Out – Left Reverse – Reverse into a Parking in a Bay – Parallel Parking – Stopping on the right hand side of the road – Turn in the Road

How is the Test Marked?    Compensation for Cancelled test – Reflective  Log

Useful Knowledge from the Highway Code

Legal Responsibility – Other Road Users – Driving in Different weather Conditions – Driving on Dual Carriageways & Motorways – Dealing with Emergency Vehicles – New Drivers Act & Code – Penalties

Planning A Journey

Avoiding Congestion – Appropriate mode of Transport – Are you fit to drive?  Are you Tired? – Basic Car Faults – Breakdowns what to do & not do – Carrying Loads – passengers, animals, goods – Dealing with Tunnels – Difference between Rural & City Driving – Driver Distractions – First Aid on the Road – First Aid on the Road – First Aid on the Road – Traffic Calming

Useful information for after the Test

Avoiding Congestion – Buying a Car – Cost of Running a car – Dangers of using a Mobile Phones – Dealing with being Old (Sage Training) or Disabled – Dealing with being Old (Sage Training) or Disabled  – Driving an Automatic – Driving an Automatic – Environmental issues related to driving a car – History of the Driving Test – Insurance – Learning with families & Friends – Mobility Scooter – Non-UK Drivers European & Non-European – Other Tests & becoming a Driving Instructor – P Plates – Police Stop procedure – Risk Assessment  concerns for Companies – Rules regarding the use of Tinted Windows – Security, Car Parks, Home on the Road  – Risk Assessment  concerns for Companies – Rules regarding the use of Tinted Windows – Security, Car Parks, Home on the Road – Towing & weight distribution – Tyres & Changing Tyres

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