How vulnerable road users can stay safe when using the road

In this, I want to talk about how Vulnerable road users can stay safe using the road

Such as a pedestrian, Including cyclists, horse riders and passengers and other Vulnerable road users can stay safe using the road


Vulnerable road users can stay safe using the roadWhen considering pedestrians using the road I want to look at the highway code paragraphs 1 – 35. There is a lot to talk about I will talk in more detail in later Blogs.

To start with as it’s Winter, I want them to being seen at night may I encourage peoples walking at night to use Hi-Viz material. I know it is not a fashion item but it can save your life. Please look at Highway Code Paragraph 3

Green Cross Code

Now I would like to think about Paragraph 7 which talks about the Green Cross Code


Zebra Crossing

Pedestrian crossingFirst, you will need to find a safe place to cross, then stop at the kerb to look and listen to see if it is safe to cross. If you hear or see any traffic, then wait for it to stop or pass by. When it is safe to cross safely and quickly. Now I want to talk about how we can stay safe when using the road, I want to talk about pedestrian crossings.

Just after the war, the government designed a pedestrian crossing initial called a Belisha crossing because the person who designed it was German it was called a Zebra crossing to avoid confrontation.

Pelican Crossing

Pelican CrossingIn the 60’s technology was introduced to help pedestrians to cross more easily. The Pedestrian Electrical Crossing (Now called the PELICAN Crossing) was created. You pressed the button and waited for the red man to turn green just before the man changed back to red the green man would flash Green and the drivers saw a flashing amber light

Toucan Crossing

In the late 70’s there was a government developed bicycle lanes to help people get to work. They complained about having to get off the cycle to press the button. So, Technology came to the rescue. Sensors were put on the cycle path and this triggered the crossing to work. As two road-users could use the crossing it became called the Toucan Crossing (TWO CAN Cross)

Puffin Crossing

Puffin Crossing

Lastly, comes the Pedestrian User Crossing (PUFFIN crossing) The button has been lowered for the old and wheelchair users as has the pedestrian green and red lights. They also added an infra-red sensor as the human body is a good heat source. So Vulnerable road users can stay safe using the road. When the button is pressed, the sensor is activated if someone leaves the area the sensor will cancel the system. However, if a pedestrian takes extra time to cross the system will delay the lights changing

Cyclists and motorcyclists

Bicycle Hi VizAnother set of road users can stay safe when using the road. I’m now going to look at Cyclists and Motorcyclists. To start with you need to consider the what you need to wear. The highway code recommends that cyclists wear helmets and clothing that is not likely to catch on the bicycle.  Another thing is to wear high vis clothing so they can be seen in bad light conditions.

At night, you should display white lights in the front and red lights behind, please ensure lights are bright and can be seen by cars, not just a dim glow. Remember that you should not carry passengers as its potentially dangerous.


When driving a Motorcycle, it is important to always wear a helmet and appropriate clothing. Wearing a light jacket or Jeans is not a good idea because if you fall off your bike at 15 mph or higher


Horse Riding

HorsesWhen riding a horse Riders should always wear a helmet that meets with the Law Highway code paragraph 47 – 58 Remember to wear appropriate boots and clothing.

Especially at night HI Viz wear should be worn so they can be seen by all road users so Vulnerable road users can stay safe using the road

When riding take extra care because horses can be unpredictable I would hope that drivers and other riders take care when passing horses on the road.

Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooterThere are two types mobility scooters those that have been built to be used Class 2 that has a maximin speed of 4 mph and should be used only on the path. The class 3 scooter has a maximum speed 8mph and can be driven on the road.

When driving a scooter, drivers are bound by the same laws as other road users Please remember to take special care at night I recommend the use of Hi Viz where ever possible.

To Find out more about the BTEC Level 1 please follow this link

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