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Will Europeans need new driving licenses

Will Europeans need new driving licenses now that the UK has voted to leave the EU.

What will the options be, will they need to take a new driving test? There has been no decisions made yet so I want to look at the options that could be made by the Government. I will look at the pros and cons as to why the government might make its decisions.

Will Europeans need new driving licenses

Over the last few years the EU has been standardising the format of the driving license. Some people will have noticed that the current version of the driving license has how got the National Flag of the United Kingdom. This was decided by the EU to be a way of bringing all the countries together regarding driving standards. It is nice to see that the licenses across the EU now have the UK style of license. The only difference that shows people looking at the license is the flag of the nation issuing the license.

Now this could mean that the driving licenses could stay in the same format. So will Europeans need new driving licenses? The answer gets complicated because the EU or the UK would need to change the format of the license. I do not think the standards of the driving test are likely to change much because the UK and EU have been standardising themselves for a number of years. Going back to the introduction of the Goals for Driver Education (GDE Matrix) following a European project by the CIECA in 2007

What is happening with non EU/UK  licenses.

UK has already got reciprocal arrangements with some non-EU states: Andorra. Australia. Barbados. British Virgin Islands. Canada. Falkland Islands. Faeroe Islands. Gibraltar. Hong Kong. Japan. Monaco. New Zealand. Republic of Korea. Singapore. South Africa. Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

I would guess that EU countries will also be treated the same way – licences need will to be exchanged when the holder can show proof that they have passed a test in a designated country.

How will the exchange take place?

At the moment people coming in from outside the EU and not from a recognised friendly country. The need to follow this prcedure https://www.gov.uk/exchange-foreign-driving-licence

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